Zilla Flame Thower Exhaust Kit #

Zilla Flamethrower Exhaust kit :

How does it work?
The system uses a toggle switch usually mounted somewhere on your dash. When you flip the switch, it will activate the kit that will ignite the spark plug mounted at the end of your exhaust. Un-burnt fuel bypasses the motor, and will ignite from the spark to create flames out of your exhaust.
How do I operate my flame-thrower?
First, make sure your engine is running at normal operating temperature, otherwise you will not produce any flames! Rev the engine to about 3000-4000 RPM by putting your car, or bike, in neutral while rolling or standing still. Flipping the switch while continuing to rev the engine, will result in flames out of the exhaust for a couple of seconds.
What about EFI motors and cat converters?
This kit will work with both! However, the flames will not be as big if you are using a cat converter because the cat converter stops un-burnt fuel from going through the exhaust. The simplest suggestion, if this is unsatisfactory, is to remove it. Another option is to purchase an additional resistor, that when installed, will fool the Air flow computer into thinking it is operating under “freezing” conditions and it will therefore add more fuel. The last option that I can offer is a mod chip that will add horsepower, by adding more fuel, which will help you achieve bigger flames as well.
*These kits are recommended for recreational and promotional use only!
**The purchaser assumes all responsibility and liability with regard to the installation and use of this product!
Installation: There is assembly required with approximately 1 hour installation time. We suggest that the unit be installed by a qualified auto or motorbike custom installer, or has a strong background in electronics. If you have no experience reading an electrical diagram, it would be in your best interest to seek assistance with installation as to not cause any harm or damage to yourself and/or your car/motorbike.
  •  Drill a hole 4 to 5 inches away from the tip of the exhaust.
  •  Tap the hole and insert the spark plug with a fitted washer (not included). The plug can be welded, if needed, to secure fitting.
  •  Plug the spark plug into the ignition coil.
  •  See diagram to finish wiring setup. 16 gauge wire, specific to your application, will be needed. The ABS black box that the kit came in is an electronic instrument enclosure box, which can be used to store the completed circuit.
Troubleshooting: Please check that all electronic components are functioning properly prior to installation. No refunds will be given once the system is installed, however, I will replace any particular component if it is not functioning properly, and it is not as a result of installation and/or user error. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at zilla@primalxonline.com and we will work out any problems, or questions you may be experiencing.