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If you’re connecting with us from an outside source such as Instagram, Facebook or Trackside. Here is the page that allows you to easily and securely make your design deposit.

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Frequently asked questions:

(Q) “Why do we require a deposit?”

(A) Unfortunately, orders are submitted by people who have no intention of paying. These experiences were few and far between, but they did occur and one or two is more than enough to make you want to protect yourself. Time, yours and ours is very valuable… Placing a deposit lets us know our clients are as committed as we are in developing something great.

(Q) “Will I see what the design looks like before it’s printed?”

(A) Yes, during the design process we will provide up to three proofs at no additional charge. This is the time where we modify the design to your specifics.

(Q) “How long will it take?”

(A) Typically a custom design takes 2-3 Business days. However, this depends on the complexity of the design. Some may take less or more time respectively.

(Q) “When will I owe the remainder”

(A) The remaining balance will be due once the final proof is approved. We will send an invoice via email with the remaining amount due.